Getting Started

What is Mantis?

Mantis is a fully-featured client and wallet UI, developed from the ground up and written in Scala for the Ethereum Classic network (ETC). Created by IOHK to add robustness and variety to the ETC's client range, it includes optimizations and network upgrades that improve network security, sustainability, and performance in the long term.

The software follows the official Ethereum Classic specification and roadmap and also implements Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs). The ETC community has a formal process for managing ECIP changes.

Which network?

Decide which network to use. Mantis provides access to three networks:

  • etc: Ethereum Classic mainnet
  • mordor: Mordor testnet
  • sagano: Mantis testnet with additional ECIP features

The most usual decision is to use the Sagano testnet until you become familiar with Mantis. You can use the Sagano faucet to get free test ETC.

Warning: Mantis Wallet has not been security audited. For now, we recommend you do not carry out transactions with significant ETC amounts when connected to the Ethereum Classic mainnet.

Client or Wallet?

Your next step is choosing whether you'd like to download and use the Mantis wallet or the Mantis client.

The wallet has a friendly graphical interface, while the client is a command-line interface tool.

For more details, see this document.

Download and install your chosen product

Below is a table of the available combinations of product and platform. Each cell in the Wallet and Client columns is a link to installation instructions.

WindowsWallet on WindowsClient on Windows
Apple MacWallet on MacClient on Mac
LinuxWallet on LinuxClient on Linux