How to verify a checksum on Windows 10


This page shows how to make sure that the installer has not been corrupted during the download process. Microsoft Excel is a useful comparison tool.

Get the hash from the website

The image shows the wallet page; the same principles apply to the client page. Windows installer

The SHA-256 value is below the installer. Open a blank spreadsheet and copy and paste the hash from the website to cell A1 of the spreadsheet.

Get the hash from the downloaded file

On Windows 10, browse to the folder containing the downloaded file and use the alternate mouse button to display a context menu.

Select SHA-256 and copy the hash when Windows has finished calculating it. Paste the value into cell A2 of the spreadsheet. Windows Explorer

Compare the values

Copy or type this formula into cell A3: =IF(A1=A2,TRUE,FALSE) Press the tab key, and TRUE should appear in cell A3.

Excel comparison