How to Use the Mantis Wallet


Mantis Wallet is a beta version and has not been security audited. We recommend you do not carry out transactions with significant ETC amounts when connected to Mainnet.

This initial Mantis Wallet release is a starting point from which we plan to build a best in class, multi-featured ETC Desktop Wallet. This full node wallet has been expertly designed to offer an intuitive and secure user experience.

Our first release offers the ability to:

  • Create an Ethereum Classic Wallet
  • Easily connect to the Sagano & Mordor testnets as well as the Ethereum Classic mainnet via FastSync
  • Send & receive ETC and view balances
  • View transaction details
  • Use an address book to store contacts
  • Easily submit tickets and extract logs for the IOHK Helpdesk
  • Switch themes to suit user preference
  • Advanced send transaction
  • Restore your Mantis wallet using seed phrase or private key
  • Password protected send transactions

Known Issues

These are issues that will be prioritised in the upcoming releases

  • 1k block limit on transaction view
  • RPC errors when connecting to Mordor testnet
  • Seperate address for different networks
  • Failed transactions not appearing
  • Mainnet Fast Sync improving consistency and performance

Please report any issues to our Mantis Support Team here or on the Github Issues page.

Planned improvements

  • HD Wallet including full account and transaction discovery
  • Advanced fee information
  • Auto updates and improved user notifications
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency quotation of balance
  • Light client
  • Multi Token support, starting with ERC20s
  • Hardware wallet support


For added security, the Mantis Wallet requires the user to enter their password when carrying out a Send transaction or when they wish to access their private-key, post wallet creation.

Lost/Forgotten Password

If you have lost or forgotten your wallet password you will need to remove the wallet manually from your machine and restore using your seed phrase or private key and enter in a new password.

Your wallet directory is shown in Mantis Wallet local directory: in the wallet’s status section. The default Mantis Wallet storage directoties are:

  • Linux: /home/user/.mantis-wallet
  • macOS: /User/user/.mantis-wallet
  • Windows: C:\Users\user\.mantis-wallet