Install Client on Linux or Apple macOS

Before you start, the team recommends that you read Getting Started if you haven't already. It's a 30-second read that will save you time.

Mantis is both a graphical wallet and a command-line client. You can download either or both.

This section describes how to install the Mantis client on your Linux or Apple machine. If you want the wallet, follow the wallet installation instructions.


See Getting Started.

Installing Mantis client

To install Mantis, follow these steps:

  1. Download the client binary zip archive from the Mantis Client page.
  1. Note the checksum.

    Remember to run checksum verification on your downloads. Refer to these instructions for Linux or Mac.

  2. Move the zip file to your preferred folder and unzip the client archive file. Finally, remove the zip file.

cd /home/<user>/bin/
  1. (Optional) Rename your Mantis bin folder for future updates.
mv /home/<user>/bin/mantis-3.2.1/home/<user>/bin/mantis

Default folders for applications are /home/<user>/Applications and /home/<user>/bin, or /usr/local/bin. We recommend placing the Mantis folder in there.

  1. Now, you can run the client from its install folder.
bin/mantis-launcher <network-name>

This command runs the client in the foreground with settings defined in the <network-name>.conf file in the conf folder under the Mantis base folder.

The client synchronizes with your chosen network as soon as it starts. The synchronization process can take several hours, depending on the network selected.

For information on the available networks, see the client and wallet page


  1. (Optional, but recommended) Add the binary to your PATH. Add the following line to your .profile/.bashrc/.zshrc (or equivalent). Source the profile file.
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin/mantis-3.1.0/bin
source ~/.profile

Updating the Mantis client

To update the Mantis client, replace the Mantis folder with the newer version.

mv mantis-<newer-version>.zip /home/<user>/bin/
unzip mantis-<newer-version>.zip /home/<user>/bin/mantis