Install Client

This section outlines how to install the Mantis client on your Linux/macOS/Windows machine.

Follow these instructions to install the Mantis client or go here for instructions to install the Mantis wallet.


These are the prerequisites you need for installing Mantis:

  • A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with version 1.8.x. To check the JVM version use java -version. To install Java, follow these instructions. (Note that the client has not been tested with JVM 1.9)
  • 4G of memory (RAM) Additional RAM is needed for the DAG file if mining is enabled.
  • 250GB of disk space to ensure fast sync of the node. An overhead will be needed for future growth of the chain. An SSD of at least 500G is recommended for full sync.


To install Mantis, follow these steps:

  1. Download the client binary zip archive from the Mantis releases page.

  2. Move the zip file to your preferred folder and unzip the client archive file. Finally, remove the zip file.

Remember to run checksum verification on your downloads. Refer to this section for instructions.

mv /home/<user>/bin/
cd /home/<user>/bin/
  1. (Optional) Rename your mantis bin folder for ease of future updates.
mv /home/<user>/bin/mantis-3.1.0 /home/<user>/bin/mantis

Default folders for applications on Linux are /home/<user>/Applications and /home/<user>/bin, or /usr/local/bin. We recommend placing the mantis folder in there.

  1. Now you can run the client from its install folder.

This command will run the client in the foreground with settings as defined in the conf folder files.


  1. (Optional, but recommended) Add the binary to your PATH. Add the following line to your .profile/.bashrc/.zshrc (or equivalent). Source the profile file.
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin/mantis-3.1.0/bin
source ~/.profile

Now you can execute the client from any folder by running mantis.


In order to update the Mantis client, simply replace the mantis folder with the newer version.

mv mantis-<newer-version>.zip /home/<user>/bin/
unzip mantis-<newer-version>.zip /home/<user>/bin/mantis