Mantis Client / Wallet

Client and Wallet

Mantis is a full-featured client and a wallet. You can download and use either according to your needs. They are delivered and released separately, and each has specific installation and configuration options. Installation materials are available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The wallet runs a Mantis client behind the scenes, and the client synchronizes with your chosen network as soon as it starts. The synchronization process can take several hours, depending on the network selected and the performance of your local machine, especially its disk speed.

Mantis is compatible with the Ethereum Classic mainnet, the Mordor testnet, and other proof-of-work (PoW) Ethereum-like networks, including Sagano.

For development, Mantis integrates particularly well with the Sagano testnet. The Sagano testnet includes Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs) covering such features as Checkpointing and the Proto-Treasury system.


The Mantis client is a full node command-line tool, built with Scala and made for advanced users and node maintainers.


The Mantis wallet is a graphical interface wallet. You can send and receive transactions, create or restore Ethereum accounts, and view balances. The wallet runs the client as a background task.