What is Mantis?

  • Mantis is a full-featured client and wallet, that has been developed from the ground up and written in Scala for the Ethereum Classic network. Created by IOHK in order to add robustness and variety to the client share, it includes optimizations and network upgrades that improve network security, sustainability, and performance in the long term. The software implements the official Ethereum Classic specification and Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs) introduced by ongoing efforts and discussed across teams in the ecosystem.

Why relaunch Mantis?

  • The goal of resurrecting Mantis is to make ETC stronger and to drive more independence and more decentralization in the ecosystem.

Is Mantis a Wallet or a Node client?

  • Mantis is the node client and a wallet. You can download them separately and use any according to your needs. These are delivered and released separately and each has its own installation and configuration options. The main differences between them is their usage. Node clients track the global chain state, while the wallet allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions on chain. The client is a command line tool, and the wallet has a GUI interface.

What are the benefits of Mantis?

  • Another client in the ETC space is a huge benefit to decentralization.
  • Written from scratch in Scala, specifically for ETC
  • IOHK backing and supporting the client in the long term
  • Additional features with Sagano, like OBFT, PT, etc...

What language is Mantis written in?

  • Client: Scala + some solidity code and Nix here and there
  • Wallet: Typescript

Does Mantis have fast-sync/archive-sync/pruning/API/monitoring/support?

  • Yes to all of the above.

Can I use Mantis to connect to Sagano testnet?

  • At present, Mantis is the only client that can connect to the Sagano testnet.

How fast does Mantis sync with Mainnet?

  • The time to synchronize the mainnet can vary widely from case to case. Machine specs, and conditions mean a mainnet sync can take anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days.

Who is Mantis geared towards?

  • Client: Anyone wanting to run an Ethereum Classic Node. That includes dapp developers, community network supporters, businesses running a private or public blockchain, and miners
  • Wallet: Mantis wallet is a graphical interface wallet and is geared towards ETC cryptocurrency users. Use it to send/receive transactions on chain by installing it on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Will fast-sync change automatically once state is initially synced?

  • Yes, the sync mode changes to normal sync.

Does Mantis have enterprise support?

Which teams will get funding from Proto Treasury miners?

  • The proto-Treasury ECIP proposes that three independent teams who maintain core clients are funded by the treasury. In addition to this, there is a community grants fund.